Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Donkey Cabbages

I chose to do a Grimms Fairy Tale titled Donkey Cabbages. This is about a young hunter who comes across an old starving woman in the forest and gave her some food. She was very grateful and told him he will be rewarded with a magical cloak and gold. The cloak would be further up in the forest and nine birds would be fighting over it. He would shoot one to get the cloak then eat that birds heart whole so everyday he would wake up with gold under his pillow. He becomes wealthy and sets out to see the world and stumbles upon a castle where he falls in love. The woman's mother is evil and knows of the boys treasures. First she gets the bird heart out of him but he's ok because he's still with the woman he loves, but then he gets left behind and is left to die on a mountain he got to using the cloak. The boy is trying to find the castle and comes across a cabbage field. He picks one up and takes a bite and immediately turns into a donkey. He then take a bite out of another and returns back to a human. He takes one of each cabbage and continues his journey back to the castle. When he returns he disguises himself and is invited to dinner in the castle. He gives them the donkey cabbage for dinner. The evil mother, his love, and a servant eat the cabbage and turn into donkeys. The boy reveals himself and takes the donkeys to a farmer nearby. He goves instructions to beat them and feed them, beating the mother the most and feeding her the least. After a few days the mother dies and the boy begins to feel guilty. He brings the two back and feeds them the good cabbage so they return to human form. His love apologizes for the evils her mother made her do and the boy and girl get married.

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